Buy A New Home With No Down Payment- Regardless of Credit

Stop Renting

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Locally owned and operated, TM Housing Properties is committed to building homes of the highest quality in a way that is responsible not only to our customers, but also to our environment. As an affiliate homebuilder, we are dedicated to providing our customers with integrity in the construction of our homes and throughout the home buying process. Why rent when you can own? Stop paying thousands of dollars per month to rent a home or apartment. We can get ANY ONE approved for home ownership if you are willing to educate yourself through our various programs and follow our customized home buying plan we will create just for you. We promise to get you in a new home with very little to no money down. You may be thinking, "If only my credit was better."  Our motto is "don't worry about your credit- just come and get it!"

  Not ready to buy just yet?  We have hundreds of rental properties in our network that we can show you, until you are ready to buy. With the help of our professional customer service team and friendly realtors, we can help you move into your next home sooner than you may think.

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