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Don't let your credit score stop you from getting what you want. We work with creditors; which is one of the benefits of the Community Housing Approval Program (CHAP). CHAP was created in 2016 to help make the dream of homeownership come true for families who may have challenged credit or very little money saved towards buying a home.  We work directly with the builders and lenders to guarantee approval on a brand new home; built from the ground up, in all of Houston and surrounding cities. We are adding home builders every month to our network which allows us to offer many different floor plans and customized homes just for you. The CHAP program is not a government funded program. There are no income restrictions to qualify or disqualify you. This program is good for first time home buyers as well as 2nd and 3rd timers. Another powerful benefit of the CHAP program is over 90% of our home buyers pay $0 down at closing! This benefit alone makes CHAP the ultimate home buying program. CHAP also helps with  student loan defaults.

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